Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Happy of Smile ♥ was a Ramdomly

i have no idea from where to write on ><

i damm love this dress ! ♥

had my dinner with my girls ♥ :D
we gossip alot , damm funny ! xD
Omg . 

 girl with gie ♥
 with my girl yo ♥

 omg so cute . xDD
 i have no edit on this photo actually . /.\

more photo i have no upload yet , because i want sell fish xD

my few days with jen and michele 
because of my parent outstation . makan sendiri . /.\

the same more crazy in my computer LOL

i had went to my mom's office as accountant . = =

 cost me rm4.70 = =
 not that nice /.\ 
my drive thru alone lunch ><

hurt me T^T 

thanks mom ♥ even not that special , but i love it :)

i laugh at it , that was my dad chose for me xDD

life may not go smoothly
but we can do it self go easier . :)

how to let people happy ?
from yourself on
only people can feel it . :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's Okay ♥ Ramdomly :)

i colourful myself its better until i found you :)

 Dont misundertand ,it just for myself xD

 i love this bag damm much ! ♥
i saw gie brought this only go have a look :)
one day,when i make my room more tidy bit
i found this ,im just laugh at it..
my primary school's art work..
and.. mom made for me ♥ :D
so cute > <

 i wait it for 1 days .LOL
i think i will choose poslaju next time /.\
one day of my afternoon meal
LOL ! how long i dint eat for it :)

 Hangout with Jen and michele :)
i love this makeup :) 

we took dinner at ... i forgot what the restaurant name..
it JJ ? korean cuisine :)

after that we went TC..
people moutain people sea = =

michele :) 

 went home around 12am
was tired
was mad
was upset
it because..
nothing ?
sorry that i had no much of know about  

you .

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ramdom ♥ ;)

Ya, i had short again 
big love with this hair ♥ :)

HSH on friday :)

had hang out with you girls :D

my bestie gie ♥ meet u in kl :)

bestie yo ♥ meet again :D

had dinner with bestie gie :) gossip alot ♥ and wait bestie yo came and join us after this .
we went JR, there had changed . nice place :)

went along sasa 
had a new try with this , not bad :)

i think i love you more ,your sister doesn't match me /.\

to MYG  :)
i love you girls from my heart , both of you are the best since we know each other :)
no matter what had happened , we still stick together :)
we had laugh , had tears whatever whenever however whoever . 
heart forever ♥ :D